It’s only rock n’ roll

Magical night with rock n roll and friends

Running with The Fox

To put you into the mood:

You know those moments when you feel as if everyone around you totally gets it? That’s how I felt at the Rolling Stones show; 40, 000 people singing along to every note, dancing to every groove, and pointing like they were on stage beside Mick and the gang.

photo 4

Rock n’ Roll has it’s own way of turning strangers into friends and looking around I was inspired by the amount of people who have been moved by their music. Young and the young at heart; smiling and dancing like it was 1974.

The Avett Brothers opened the show but unfortunately I was in endless traffic for most of their show. I walked in at the height of their “Kick drum heart” performance and from what I could tell they were completely humbled to be opening for the Stones and showed their gratitude by giving the audience an…

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