Meet Summer

Hey there. My posts tend to be pretty serious, so here are some fun things I’m doing outside of the blog. Nice to meet ya.



  • figuring out how to save money
  • working on my latte art

Looking Forward To

  • getting back to Italy and reconnecting with friends
  • planning a weekend getaway with aforementioned husband

What I’m Reading

  • a year long Bible reading plan
  • Molly on the Range, if cookbooks count
  • That’s Not in My American History Book
  • Something Borrowed, Emily Giffen

What I’m Watching

  • Supernatural. New fan! Zooming through season 8
  • Rewatching 30 Rock with husband
  • New Girl
  • This Is Us
  • Rules of Engagement

What I’m Hearing

  • Paramore is teasing a new album and I just need to know about it
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Indie stuff my manager plays at work