A search for the best chicken rice in nyc

There’s something about street carts, right? Like you know it’s kind of gross, but that halal chicken rice just always calls your naaaaaaaame and you have to have it. I’m on the search for the best in my “didn’t grow up on halal and picky about quality meat” opinion. Here’s the list so far, ranked from best to worst. Taking into account the salad to meat to rice ratio, quality of lettuce in the salad, sauce to food ratio, flavor and tenderness and non-grossness of meat and price.

  1. the halal guys, manhattan
  2. the halal cart by queens college
  3. halal paradise, pacific entrance of atlantic barclays subway
  4. halal international by barclays center
  5. a halal cart that starts with a k near the dekalb ave subway
  6. my corner bodega